Question 2: Why do you want to implement an EHR?

Setting goals is a critical step in the EHR implementation process. Your organization's goals in implementing an EHR should be clearly stated, and the implementation plan should include strategies for achieving the goals as well as a way to measure your progress towards them.

Setting and Achieving Goals: The Doctor's Office Quality – Information Technology program has developed a useful document on goal setting and AHRQ has developed an HIT Evaluation Guide that can help you determine whether your project is achieving its goals and producing the desired results.

Conflicting Priorities: Regulatory Compliance vs. Clinical Workflow: A large community hospital recently implemented a comprehensive EHR. The hospital's nurses were some of the most vocal critics of the new system. In addition to generally slow response times, the nurses felt that the EHR's admission assessment form was too cumbersome and as a result took too long to fill out completely. The poor design of this form has resulted in many incomplete patient records

EHR Incentive Programs

The Medicare and Medicaid EHR incentive programs provide financial incentives to health care providers that are able to demonstrate "meaningful use" of certified EHR technologies.

Meaningful Use: CMS provides information about the Federal

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