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Oct 30
Blog Post

As ONC works to advance the development and use of health IT, we know that you play an important and equal role in maintaining the public’s confidence and trust. The privacy and security of health information is always at the forefront of our work and your organization’s business practices. In the spirit of  (NCSAM), we want to highlight the HHS Security Risk Assessment (SRA) Tool, which you can use to assess your organization’s security risks. If you are responsible for the privacy or security of , you may be particularly interested in the SRA Tool.

Oct 29
HIT Updates

Come work at the Office of the National Coordinator for! ONC seeks to attract and develop skilled professionals in the standards, technology, policy, and healthcare fields. 

Oct 28
Blog Post

I’m pleased to announce that Robert Anthony recently transitioned into the role of the director of the Certification & Testing Division in ONC’s Office of Technology, where he will oversee the ONC Certification Program. Rob previously served as a senior policy advisor in the Office of Clinical Quality and Safety and as senior strategic advisor in the Office of Technology at ONC.

Oct 23
Blog Post

Combatting the opioid crisis is a top priority for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the nation. Equipping healthcare providers with easy access to data about their patients’ opioid prescriptions is one strategy to help reduce opioid misuse. Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) are state-run databases that collect patient-specific prescription information at the point of care, or when a controlled substance is dispensed. PDMPs can be a tool for health care providers to improve prescribing practices, target treatment efforts to at risk patients, and mitigate the risk of potential abuse or fraud by patients who obtain prescriptions from multiple providers.

Oct 21
Blog Post

One in an occasional series of “Where-are-they-now?” posts about ONC Awardees

One of four High Impact Pilot recipients, which developed a care plan platform to help pharmacists coordinate care with patients, is now operating in all 50 states.