Strategic Planning

ONC collaborates with the public and private sectors to develop and implement strategies to advance health IT and information use to achieve high-quality care, lower costs, a healthy population, and engaged individuals.

Federal Strategic Plan 2015-2020

The Federal Strategic Plan 2015-2020 [PDF - 1.9 MB] lays out the vision, goals, and actions that the federal government will pursue immediately and in the coming years. 

View the , ONC Buzz blog posting and additional statements of support from private and public stakeholders.

Strategic Plan Image

Patient Safety Action and Surveillance Plan

The Patient Safety Action and Surveillance Plan [PDF - 311 KB] outlines a coordinated approach for federal agencies and the private sector to support patient safety in health IT.

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Report to Congress on Adoption and Exchange

This 2018 Report to Congress [PDF - 1.4 MB] describes the specific actions that have been taken by the federal government and private entities to facilitate the adoption of a nationwide system for the electronic use and exchange of health information.

2018 Report to Congress
Content last reviewed on April 17, 2019