Representing Stress


LOINC cited is insufficient

76542-0 is stated to be Occupational Stress Questionnaire.  Stress has multiple causes, Occupational, Personal, etc.  This needs exploration and better difinition 

Do you feel stress - tense, restless, nervous, or anxious, or unable to sleep at night because your mind is troubled all the time - these days [OSQ]

supplemental LONIC suggestion 

Now thinking about your mental health, which includes stress, depression, and problems with emotions, for how many days during the past 30 days was your mental health not good [HRQOL]


Since this LOINC code and…

Since this LOINC code and answer set has been developed (30 behavior and functional status variables suggested by the IOM report and adopted for requirement in the last MU NPRM), the adoption level could now be very high.

This is the specific one…

This is the specific one chosen (from a Finnish survey instrument by the IOM report and required by ONC), it is what is in there.