Representing Alcohol Use


Consider adding additional screening tools

The Joint Commission currently has 3 chart-abstracted quality measures screening for alcohol use and treatment (SUB-1, SUB-2/2a, and SUB-3/3a) that are used by The Joint Commission and CMS in quality reporting programs.  We agree with inclusion of the Audit-C, as that is a validated screening tool for unhealthy alcohol use.  However, we also think that the AUDIT tool should be included as well.  This tool is also a validated survey instrument, and seems to be the most commonly used one for our chart-abstracted measures.  LOINC currently has 72110-0 Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test [AUDIT] and 75624-7 Total Score [AUDIT].  In order for use, the rest of the questions from the survey instrument would need to be added in LOINC as well as the LOINC answer lists.

NCPDP - Comments

SNOMED – Not currently used in NCPDP MMA mandated standards. Future versions of the NCPDP SCRIPT standard support SNOMED.

AUDIT 10-question panel

Thank you for your comment.  We have added the full AUDIT panel code and the total score code.  This does not imply any requirement for an EHR or other health IT system to capture the AUDIT test questions or total score, but we recognize that this test may currently be in use.

Since this LOINC code and…

Since this LOINC code and answer set has been developed (30 behavior and functional status variables suggested by the IOM report and adopted for requirement in the last MU NPRM), the adoption level could now be very high.

NCPDP Comment

  1. Alcohol Use reporting via SNOMED codes is available in the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard Version 2017071.

Type-Implementation Specification

Standard Implementation/Specification-

Standards Process Maturity – Final

Implementation Maturity- Pilot

Adoption Level – 1

Federally Required – No

Cost – $

Test Tool Availability – Yes.

NCPDP Comment

  1. The SubstanceUse fields will be available in NCPDP SCRIPT Standard Version 2017071 to allow alcohol use information to be transmitted via SNOMED codes.