Reporting Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Information to Public Health Agencies


AUR Comments

According to this page, the emerging IG is DSTU Release 2.1.  However when you follow the link, HL7 site indicates the latest version as Release 2 (Nov 2015).  Version numbers do not match from HealthIT and HL7 sites.

Following are comments on HAI IG Release 2 (downloaded from HL7 site):

Volume 2, Page 141, Section 2.1.20, “5. SHALL contain at least one [1..*] entry (CONF:1181-23046) such that it

Comment: NHSN protocol limits exact number of entries to be reported in order to be submitted to CDC successful.  This needs a clarification with referencing back to NHS AUR module protocol to know the exact number to be included.