Listing of Providers for Access by Potential Exchange Partners


IHE profile in progress

Just an FYI that there is a IHE profile development process happening now for provider and facility directories via the "Mobile Care Services Discovery (mCSD)".  It will leverage FHIR STU3:!topic/ititech/qPz-ok3AHuk
It is tracking the Argonaut work, as well as intended to include the functionality in the IHE CSD and HPD profiles. 

Volume 1 is being worked on/finalized now.


Thank you for this helpful…

Thank you for this helpful information. We'll continue to monitor progress on this work and assess it's readiness for inclusion into the table above as it reaches trial implementation status within IHE.  

HPD should be reconsidered as mandated

“Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD), Trial Implementation was proposed, but not adopted for CEHRT 2015. The community has recognized the value of the underlying data elements and structure of that standard.”

  • That was unfortunate, HPD should be reconsidered as mandated to insure adoption.