Electronic Transmission of Reportable Lab Results to Public Health Agencies


Link updated

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The link has been updated. 

Pharmacy HIT Collaborative's Comments on ONC's Proposed 2018 ISA

The Pharmacy HIT Collaborative supports the use of HL7 2.5.1; HL7 Version 2.5.1: Implementation Guide: Electronic Laboratory Reporting to Public Health (US Realm), Release 1 with Errata and Clarifications and ELR 2.5.1 Clarification Document for EHR Technology Certification; the balloted drafts of HL7 Version 2.5.1 Implementation Guide: Electronic Laboratory to Public Health, Release (US Realm), Draft Standard for Trial Use, Release 1.1; and emerging implementation specification HL7 Version 2.5.1 Implementation Guide: S&I Framework Laboratory Results Interface Implementation Guide, Release 1 STU Release 2 (US Realm), which is in development.